1. The bursary may cover all or part of the following:


      (a) Tuition fees,

      (b) Books as determined by the donor, otherwise NSFAS rates will apply.

      (c) Meals for the year.

      (d)  Accommodation at the University residences or private accommodation limited to the maximum fees charged

            by the University residences for undergraduates and


      (e)  Living allowances for meals limited to the maximum fee charged by the University residences. 

      (f) Transport allowance for students residing at home.


2. The value of the bursary will be adjusted annually to accommodate increases in tuition fees and related costs. 


3. Masivuyisane Training will determine the number of awards per annum.


4. Masivuyisane Training will consider the progress made by the bursar and decide whether to condone the awarding

      of a bursary for the following year.




The following criteria are applicable to the awarding of the bursaries:

1. Students considered for the bursary should be SA citizens.

2. Students considered should be enrolled for one of the following study programs:

      (a) BOccTher Occupational Therapy 

      (b) Bachelor in Physiotherapy

      (c) BRad Diagnostic

      (d) MMed Orthopaedics

      (e) MPhysio Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

      (f) DMed Orthopaedics

      (g) MChB

      (h) Bachelor in Human Movement Science

      (i) MPhysio Orthopaedic (Coursework)

      (j) MPhysio Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (Coursework)

      (k)  MPhysio Orthopaedics (Coursework)

      (l) MPhysio Paediatrics (Coursework)

     (m) MPhysio Sports Medicine (Coursework)

     (n) MPhysio Surgery (Coursework)

3. Students considered should be enrolled for their 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate study, or Postgraduate study.

4. Students considered are preferable Female and Black (African, Coloured and Indian).

5.  The students considered may hold funding from other funders if not fully funded by Masivuyisane Training.

6. Students considered may hold University merit awards which is awarded for academic performance achieved in

       prior year or other University awards with the aim to recruit students to study at the University

7. In the event that the University cannot source sufficient candidates that meet the criteria stipulated in section 3.2

      to 3.5,   the University may amend said criteria in consultation and agreement with the donor. The donor will,   

      subsequent to being notified by the University, express their position to this effect in writing (viz., email and/or 

      letter addressed to the University.

8. In terms of the provisions of section 18A of the Income Tax Act, the donor and /or his/her dependents do not

      qualify for the bursary.




a) Students must apply for the bursary by means of the University Financial aid application form and/or the NSFAS

    centralised application form. On the University financial aid application form, the option for Support Bursaries must 

    be selected.


b) Applicants should fulfil the criteria laid down by the University for enrolment for the field of study concerned.


c) The University will prepare and submit a nomination list of the qualifying applicants to Masivuyisane Training for

    consideration. The selection for and the allocation of a bursary are based on the nomination list and should be 

    communicated by Masivuyisane Training to University within 2 weeks after receipt of the nomination list. 

d) Masivuyisane Training may elect to interview shortlisted candidates to assist with the final selection of students for



e) Masivuyisane Training shall notify the University and the students within two weeks from date of interviews

    regarding the final selection of students for awards.  


f) The University will award the bursaries via the student accounts of the selected students, as soon as Masivuyisane

    Training confirms the awards and facilitate payment of the bursary funds to the University. Masivuyisane Training is 

    expected to pay invoices provided by the University within 10 working days of issuing of the invoice.


g) Masivuyisane Training will obtain written consent from the student that the University may process and impart to

    Masivuyisane Training any and all information, including personal information (as defined in the Protection of 

    Personal Information Act No.4 of 2013) regarding the student which may be, or come into, the possession of the 



h) A bursary agreement may be prepared between Masivuyisane Training and the bursary holders without regards to

    obligations and commitments relative to employment and bursary conditions, once students have successfully

    completed their studies as per sec 18A Income Tax Act No.52 of 1968. Masivuyisane Training will manage the

    bursary agreement and is responsible for communication with the Head of Departments .


i) The University will provide Masivuyisane Training with academic records and student accounts for students supported, bi-annually, after the completion of examinations.

Selection committee

The selection committee comprises of three Masivuyisane Training company directors.


A member of the selection committee may authorise another person to represent him/her on the committee.

Administration of the 

bursary fund

The University administers the bursary fund in accordance with the signed agreement and the general agreements that govern the investment funds that are made available for bursary purposes each year.

Data protection

Masivuyisane Training acknowledges and agrees that all personal information provided by the University and/or the Student shall only be used for bursary and B-BBEE verification purposes only. Any further processing of personal information shall be in compliance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”). 

1. Each Party acknowledges that it may obtain direct and/or indirect access to the personal information of students

      under this Agreement, and may be required or deemed to process personal information. Accordingly, the Parties 

      shall at all times comply with POPIA (if applicable) in respect of the collection, receipt, storage, transfer, 

      protection and other processing of Personal Information in relation to the students.

2. Each Party undertakes to:


       2.1 process the Personal Information only with the consent of the students or as authorized by the POPIA;


      2.2 establish and maintain adequate security measures to secure the integrity and confidentiality of any personal

                 information that it processes, and will follow the requirements in section 19 of the POPIA;


      2.3  not process the Personal Information obtained as a result of this Agreement for any purpose other than for

                  the performance of its obligations under this Agreement;


      2.4 to ensure that its employees and agents are informed of the confidential nature of the Personal Information

                 and are bound by the confidentiality obligations and use restrictions in respect of the Personal Information;


       2.5 as soon as possible, comply with a request or instruction from a student requiring the correction, transfer,

                 destruction, deletion or otherwise process the Personal Information, or to stop, mitigate or remedy any

                 unauthorized processing.



3.  Before either Party shares Personal Information with the other Party, the sharing Party shall ensure that, unless

        the transfer is otherwise justifiable under POPIA, the students have not withdrawn their consent in relation to

        processing of such Personal Information.


4. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the students, or required or authorized by law, the Parties shall not retain any

       Personal Information processed in terms of this Agreement for longer than is required to perform its obligations.

The provisions of this clause 7 shall survive termination or expiration of the Bursary Agreement.